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Providing the Merchant Services Your Business Needs

credit card processing

We know that you work hard to serve your customers, and Federated Bank can assist you by providing the merchant services (such as credit card processing) you require.  Whether your business specializes in retail, restaurant, agricultural, lodging, or another field, you will find that we offer comprehensive and reliable services that support your business.

Debit & Credit Card Processing

The world today runs on credit, and most service and retail businesses must have the ability to process credit and debit card payments.  Federated Bank offers you secure and reliable debit and credit card processing.  Whether you have just a few transactions a month or thousands, we have the expertise to set you up to receive payments via credit or debit card and to consistently process those payments for you.

Remote Check Deposit

If your business handles a high volume of checks, you need a simple and easy way to get your checks deposited.  Federated Bank offers you the ability to get checks deposited without a trip to the bank.  Come in and talk to us about the options we have available.