Technology Makes It Simple to Bank from Anywhere

By Steve Wedig

As technology has advanced over the past decade or two, the way people bank has changed dramatically. One notable way that banking has changed is an increased ability for customers to perform basic banking tasks without ever visiting the bank in person. With this change, it makes it possible for customers to bank from anywhere. The array of online services releases customers from being limited to banks that are close in physical proximity and gives them wider options when choosing a bank.

Manage Your Money with Online or Mobile Banking

Even when you can’t visit the bank in person, you can be in control of your accounts simply by accessing them on your computer, ipad, or phone.  With online or mobile banking, it’s simple to check your balance, move money from one account to another, and even pay your bill online.

Get Paid with Direct Deposit

The days of receiving an actual paycheck and going to the bank to deposit it are a mere memory.  Most businesses use direct deposit to pay employees directly into their bank accounts without a trip to the bank.

Deposit Checks with Remote Deposit

Checks are becoming more rare as people use payment services such as Popmoney more frequently. Customers who do have checks to deposit can use our remote deposit service.

Get Cash with Your Debit Card

In the past, getting cash was a major reason to visit your local bank.  However, with ATMs and debit cards, this has become largely unnecessary.

Enjoy Customer Service by Telephone

Many customers still like to come in to discuss an issue or get advice, and we love that too.  However, as we have seen during the coronavirus shut-down, sometimes meeting in person is just not possible.  Yet we have also shown that we are able to help our customers with anything they need over the phone.  Even without the face-to-face interaction, we can still answer your questions and give you the help you need.

With Technology, You Can Bank from Anywhere!

By offering these helpful services to our customers, we not only make life easier but we also enable customers leaving the area to keep their accounts with us. Whether leaving the area to attend school or to pursue employment, customers can continue to bank with us by taking advantage of our use of technology to offer these necessary services in a new and convenient way. If you have questions about our services and our ability to serve you even if you have moved to another area, give us a call at 800.843.3708 and we will be happy to explain.

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