Recreational Vehicles Are Coming Back Into Style

By Domi Garcia

The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of life or so it seems.  Even the way we vacation has changed.  With the increased worry about staying in hotels and utilizing air travel, vacationers are re-thinking their plans and finding more novel ways to get away.  As this article explains, one mode of travel that has risen in popularity is camping in recreational vehicles.  There are a number of advantages that make vacationing in an RV a simple pleasure that Americans are rediscovering.

Cleanliness Is Up to Your Standards

One of the biggest fears that people have these days when staying in a hotel is the cleanliness of the accommodations.  For the RV traveler, this question doesn’t really apply.  Just as it is at your house, you are the one in charge of cleaning.  Also, importantly, there is no cause to worry about germs since any germs present would be from your own family!

Timing is Within Your Control

Everyone’s travel style is unique. Some people like to stick to a schedule while others play it by ear. Some like to start out early while others drive on into the night.  Whatever your particular style may be, in an RV you can do it your way!  While you may need to make reservations at particularly busy times or popular places, for the most part, you aren’t as constrained by reservations or check-in or check-out times.

Expenses Are Kept On Your Budget

Vacations can get expensive quickly and many of us are looking for ways to reduce expense. Though traveling in an RV isn’t free by any means, it can sometimes be an overall less expensive way to travel.  You have to purchase, rent, or borrow the RV and then there will be the expense of gas as well as campground fees.  But when you compare the cost of lodging in a hotel and flying to your destination, you may be able to save some money by taking your trip in an RV.

Togetherness Is For Your Taking

Most families go on vacation at least in part to enjoy spending time together.  In an RV, families have plenty of quality time.  The time on the road or completing tasks like cooking or cleaning up can all be done in a home-like setting with everyone getting a chance to participate.  Being able to spend time together may be the biggest benefit of RV travel.

As you re-evaluate your options for vacation, you may decide that an RV fits your plans and your lifestyle.  If you decide to invest in an RV, remember that Federated Bank offers loans for the purchase recreational vehicles, campers, boats, or even ATV’s.  Our competitive rates and helpful, friendly service make it easy for you to make your vacation plans a reality.

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