Keeping Finances On-Track in a Busy Season

Life is full of different seasons, some easy and enjoyable, others that are difficult and busy.  We are all constantly moving from one season to another, having to adjust to new obligations and expectations.  During busy seasons, our finances can quickly get off-track. We don’t have as much time during busy seasons to keep a close watch on our finances.  Additionally, we don’t have as much time to do the budget-conscious or money-saving activities that have integrated into our lives.  Here are a few tips for keeping finances on-track even in a busy season.

Set Limits on Discretionary Spending

Many times people get off-track in their finances during a busy season because they haven’t thought ahead about setting limits on spending.  Having a limit is valuable because it encourages us to think through the value of each purchase instead of simply accepting the fact that we “need it.”  If a limit is in place for the month or the season, then you know that you better not blow the whole amount at the beginning on purchases that you will look back on and decide they were unnecessary.  Setting limits causes us to weigh the cost and the benefit of a purchase and look for less expensive options.  In short, it makes us slow down and think.

Make Do with What You Have

Setting limits and thinking before you spend can lead to foregoing the purchase altogether. When you stop and think about the purchase and whether it is worth it, you may realize that you can get by with what you already have.  Having a mindset of being open to delaying or foregoing some purchases will allow you thoughtfully consider whether the purchase is truly needed.  You may be surprised by how often you find that you can make do with what you already have!

Use Easy Tools to Monitor Spending

A common challenge during busy times is finding time to monitor financial activity.  There just isn’t any extra time! However, with advancements in technology, monitoring does not take the time that it used to.  With mobile banking, you literally have access to your finances at your fingertips all the time.  You can check your current balances, see recent transactions, and even take care of basic activities like transferring funds and paying bills on your smart phone or tablet.  Having an easy way to access current information will help you to know where your finances stand before they get too far off-track.

Busy seasons will come and go.  Keeping your finances on-track is important so that you don’t allow a season to drain your bank account or set up back on achieving your financial goals.  With a little extra effort it is possible to emerge from even the busiest seasons in a solid financial position.  Federated Bank is here by your side to help in any way we can.  We help our customers weather every season with the reliable financial services and products we offer as well as new technology, such as mobile banking, online Bill Pay, and our new online loan application, that makes banking simple and easy. Stop by and see us today or call our main office (800-843-3708) with any questions you may have.

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