Giving Your Kids a Good Financial Start


giving kids a good financial startHaving children changes your thinking about a lot of things, and finances are one of the biggest ones. Before you have kids who are depending on you for their care, you usually only have yourself to think about. Once you have dependents, you want to do all you can to make decisions that will make life better and easier for your kids. People may think back on the bad financial situations they found themselves in or the bad financial decisions that they made and hope that their children can avoid similar situations and decisions. While everyone makes their own choices in life, there is actually a fair amount that you can do to give your kids a good financial start. Keep reading to find out more.

Be a Good Example

The most important way you can give your kids a good financial start may also be one of the hardest. Being a financially responsible adult will go a long way in influencing the financial values that your kids develop. If they see you valuing hard work, saving your money, and avoiding debt, they will be more likely to do that same.

Teach Them How to Bank

Similarly, it’s important to expose your children to various banking activities. Let them sit with you while you pay your bills or take them along on a trip to the bank. When they accumulate a little money, you can take them to the bank to open a savings account. Making a trip to add money to the account can become a fun excursion for kids.

Help Them Save and Invest

Spending money is easy while saving can be really hard. Helping younger children save for something special, like a toy or a bike, can help them to learn that delayed gratification is good. This will establish a pattern of planning and saving rather than impulse buying and going into debt. 

Warn Them About the Harm of Debt

In addition to teaching kids about good money management, it can also be helpful to warn them of the dangers of failing to manage their money. Getting into debt is so easy to do, especially when kids first leave home. Avoid a lot of debt and cultivating a healthy fear of excessive debt can help prepare kids a healthy and happy financial future.

Start a 529 Plan for Them

The first consequential financial decisions that most “kids” make are the decisions surrounding college and how to pay for it. Honestly, this is where a lot of young adults can get into trouble. It is so easy to accrue vast amounts of student loan debt, and sometimes it can be hard to pay that back. One way parents can help is by starting a 529 plan for their kids to help pay for college without as much debt.

Parents, you have a huge impact on your kids and how they will interact with finances as an adult. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity you have to train your children for their financial future. 


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