Buying a Home in 2021

buying a home in 2021With all the changes we have experienced over the past 18 months, you may be wondering about the home buying process. What has changed about the way homebuyers search for, select, and finance a home and what has stayed the same? Keep reading to learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities of buying a home in 2021.

Technology Plays a Prominent Role

Even before the pandemic, technology was already influencing the way society functions. The pandemic only intensified that influence in many areas, including home-buying. Some of these changes have made life easier, such as virtual showings which allow you to view potential homes from the comfort of your current home. Some have made life safer, such as closings done via Zoom rather than in person.

Prices Have Risen

Market forces over the past year have pushed home prices much higher than what we had been seeing. In many areas, there are more buyers seeking homes than there are homes available. Consequently, you may have to pay more than you were expecting for a house. Experts have varying opinions about whether this uptick is temporary or whether it will continue for the next few years.

Pre-Qualifying Is More Important Than Ever

It has always been important to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. In the current environment, it is necessary to have pre-qualified in place before you make an offer. Sellers are so inundated with good offers that they are not willing to wait around to hear from your bank regarding your creditworthiness and how much money you will be able to borrow.

Mortgage Rates Remain Low for Now

One thing that has not changed much is mortgage rates, which remain historically low. The continued low rates have given homebuyers more purchasing power in recent years. There are some signs that rates may rise in the future, which would again cause changes throughout the housing market.

Credit Requirements May Tighten

The fierce competition for houses has not only impacted buyers and sellers, but it has also impacted lenders and their credit requirements. Mortgage lenders can be more selective and may tighten their credit requirements for buyers. If you are considering a home purchase in the future, you may want to check out your credit score and see if you need to take any remedial action.

Finding the Right Mortgage Lender is Essential

In this kind of a market, it is essential that you have the right mortgage lender. Federated Bank has experience providing homebuyers with flexible mortgage options, including specialty mortgages. We offer helpful services such as an easy-to-use  and travel to you for paperwork. Our friendly, local service will guide you through the process of buying a home in 2021, no matter what changes may occur in the future.

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