Being Prepared in Tornado Season

tornado seasonPerhaps no other season in Central Illinois threatens as much unpredictability and potential for disaster as tornado season.  Storms can blow up out of nowhere or turn deadly without more than a moment’s notice.  However, while you can’t predict where a tornado may spin up or touch down, you can be prepared in tornado season just like any other season.  Here are a few recommendations to help you stay in control even when the weather turns crazy.

Be Organized

Some of us are just more organized than others, but we can all maintain a basic level of organization with the important aspects of our finances.  Having insurance and banking information easily accessible can be very helpful in the wake of any disaster.  For many of us, this has actually become easier in recent years as we carry a little computer (our phones) with us. Be sure to have policy numbers, account numbers, and phone numbers stored and organized on your phone so that they can be easily found even in the midst of chaos.

Be Proactive

When a disaster (or any unexpected trouble) hits, those affected are often surprised about how life keeps moving on for the rest of the world.  That is where having a proactive approach to your finances before disaster strikes can really be an advantage when something bad does happen.  With time-saving features such as Bill Pay, you can automate your financial transactions so that if you are otherwise preoccupied, you don’t have to worry about missing a recurring payment or incurring late fees.

Be Connected

Having access to your accounts can really come in handy when the rest of your life is changing from minute to minute.  Being able to transfer money or just check account balances can be helpful and relieve some of the stress.  We encourage all our customers to sign up for mobile banking before those stressful days come.  That way you are ready no matter what life may throw at you!

Be Informed

When dangerous weather strikes, it’s sure to change our plans.  Closures and delays often accompany these events.  If you are planning a trip to the bank and are unsure about how the weather may affect your plans, you can always check social media.  We try to communicate any closure due to inclement weather on our social media accounts so that we can keep your inconvenience to a minimum.

Tornado season will come and go, but really these tips can help you weather any season.  Take advantage of the services we offer to help you stay prepared and ready for anything!

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